Wisconsin R665 Machining Module CNC

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Spindel 10000rpm
12 magasin atc
This 20HP machine is intended for high speed, high production of aluminum, cast iron, and steel parts. Spindle rpm is through 10000 with full horsepower being attained at under 500 rpm.
The Wismatic R665 offers complete flexibility utilizing the JIC #4 front mount. Finite element analysis was used to complete the design forall R665 components.A Bosch OSA Typ3 CNC ControlSystem will allow you to communicate directly with WMTC, tool vendors, fixture vendors, etc., via the Internet.
Most machining centers in this class average betweeen .3 and .5 G`s. The WisMatic R665 averages .6 G`s on all axes.traverse ratesare 1410 ipm(35.8 m/min), substantially faster than most other machines of comparable size.
Standard on every R665 is an integrally motorsized spindle with chiller for optimum performance and thermal stability.
Travels on the machine are 24.8 in.(630mm) in X, 24.8 in.(630mm) in Y, and 20.0 in.(510mm) in Z. These generous travels allow for a virtually limitless number of parts, in virtually any configuration, to be machined.
ram type design allows for more rigid machining at greater extensions from the headstock. 50 taper stub tool holders can be utilized in a majority of all machining operations, resulting in better surface finish, tool life and production rates.
The WisMatic R665 will increase productivity between 15% and 45% over current production methods on existing machining centers.

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